Making Dice Hockey™ Challenge: Dream Into Reality

Jun 20, 2024 | Making A Game

We’re Anne Doyle and David Leverton, creators of Dice Hockey™ Challenge. We’ve lived in Courtenay, BC for almost 17 years. Like many other community residents, we arrived from somewhere else, in our case New Zealand.

We discovered the Comox Valley when David spoke at a local conference, while we’d been dividing their time between New Zealand and Yukon. We fell in love with the region, and within months we resettled to the area.

David is a consultant and business executive, and Anne is a visual artist and designer. In the past, we’ve used our entrepreneurial skills to run several retail business ventures, including two art galleries and a retail operation in the cruise ship port of Skagway, Alaska.

After over 40 years of marriage and all the life experiences we’ve shared together, we decided to take on a new venture: the creation of an exciting new board game we call Dice Hockey™ Challenge. This was our opportunity to turn a dream into reality!

Like so many Canadian youth, David picked up his first hockey stick and laced on his first pair of skates at an early age. During the winter, he was either playing hockey in the local arena, playing out on a frozen pond, or playing on the street in front of his home. Anne never played hockey, but was an aspiring artist from an early age who turned her love of art into a lifetime profession.

The combination of Anne’s artistic talents and David’s understanding of the sport of hockey drove our creation of the game.

Anne and David proudly hold the first copy of Dice Hockey™ Challenge.

Anne and David proudly hold the first copy of Dice Hockey™ Challenge

Dice Hockey™ Challenge is modeled after Canada’s national winter sport. The different player formats are designed to be inclusive, cooperative, competitive and most of all, fun to play. The game combines strategic thinking, and skilful planning with the dynamic nature of the laws of probability and the age-old element of luck.

It is armchair hockey at its best and includes all the elements you would find in a regular ice hockey game. You get to be the coach, offense, defense, and goaltender on every play. Anyone over 10 years of age who either loves hockey or is interested in learning more about the sport, will enjoy playing this new tabletop game. It can be played year-round at home, at the cottage, in Dice Hockey™ leagues, or in group tournaments.

The game is available for purchase online, and at many retail locations in Canada. We’re adding more stores every week, and plans are underway to introduce it into international markets including the United States and Europe.