Dice Hockey™ Challenge


The Fast-Paced
Tabletop Hockey Game
of Skill, Strategy & Luck

Dice Hockey™ Challenge Game Overview

For 2-4 players, ages 10 and up

Are you ready to win the title of Dice Hockey Champion? An exciting new challenge, bringing the world’s best hockey board game to your living room!

With die rolls and Hockey Action Cards, move your players strategically to set up shots on goal. Counter your opponent’s offensive strategy with a quick defensive move! You’ll need skill, strategy, and a dash of luck.

Ideal for tournament play, call your friends over for game night and time to get serious. Go head-to-head, or team up for 2 against 2… but can you coordinate your offensive and defensive moves to defeat your rivals and win the day!

Dice Hockey™ provides both competitive and cooperative team play and can be played year-round at home, at the cottage, in leagues, or group tournaments.

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Making Dice Hockey™ Challenge: Dream Into Reality

Making Dice Hockey™ Challenge: Dream Into Reality

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Only 2,500 copies of Dice Hockey™ Challenge: First Edition will be printed. Based on stellar reviews from playtesters, this limited run is expected to sell out quickly!